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Pranav Divakar

About Me

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Pranav Divakar

Growth Product Manager

Hi there! I'm someone who absolutely enjoys diving into anything and everything related to Growth!

Over the past 9 years, I've been on an exciting journey of self-discovery, figuring out what truly sparks joy for me. I've tried a variety of roles at several startups, including Operations, Customer Success, Marketing, and Product Management. One common thread that ties all these experiences together is my love for making a significant impact on growth-related metrics.

In terms of impact, I successfully launched and led the go-to-market strategy for in North America, which contributed over $1 Million in ARR. At, I developed a freemium offering that boosted platform engagement by 250% and active users by 18% monthly. At Esper, I focused on driving Organic Growth through SEO & content marketing, which led to direct sales of around $225,000 in less than 8 months.

Aside from my day job, I find immense joy in playing sports & in building side-projects for the pure joy of building things. Here are a few that I built Startup Journey, Funded Pitch Decks, Game Set Money, Discover Webinars, Cursor Track, TEDxYouth@Shantinagar.









Ownership Mindset

I enjoy ownership that comes with hard problems. It helps me carve a path through the unknown.


Having strategized a Go-To-Market for the North American Region, I find it engaging to solve business challenges.


I believe in "It’s not done, Until it ships". The feeling of a well-executed plan gives me more happiness than the plan itself.

My Experience

My Skills



Planned & Executed GTM strategy multiple times.


Product Management

Still learning how to get things done in the domain.


Growth Marketing

My Primary Skillset lie here. Love Experiment driven marketing.



I have never worked in a corporate. Start-Up is home.


Organic Growth

This is my super power!


Product-Led Growth

Product is key in business growth.

  • Creative 90%
  • Leadership 95%
  • Communication 90%
  • Attention to Detail 100%
  • Team Work 100%
  • Problem Solving 90%

I am happy to explore Consulting Gigs

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My Resume

  • Present
  • Elucidata

    Growth Product Manager

    I currently own & run Product Onboarding, Product Marketing & Documetation Efforts here.

    FEB 2022 to PRESENT
  • Esper

    Growth Marketing Manager

    I owned Organic Growth, 3rd Party Channels & Coversion Rate Optimization here.

    FEB 2020 to APR 2021
  • Locus

    Head of International Marketing

    I ran their International Marketing efforts focused on Go-To-Market Strategy & Execution in North America & South East Asia.

    NOV 2016 to OCT 2019
  • StartupJourney

    Chief Hustler

    Anything & Everything from Conceptualisation to Execution! Snapchat is the new TV!

    JULY 2016 to MAR 2017
  • INK talks

    Youth Programs Manager

    Everything related to planning & execution of Youth Centric Programs at INK. One of the always happy places :)

    SEP 2014 to JAN 2016
  • Spoonful

    Co-Founder - Business Head

    We built an automatic assistive feeder for disabled with limited motor functions. We were developing methods to provide assistive technology at affordable cost. I worked on User research & took care of the business side of things.

    JUNE 2014 to DECEMBER 2014
  • Education
  • Bachelor of Business Management

    Acharya Institutes

    I specialised in Human Resource Management, During my final year, I did a project on the perception of a students during a 4 year course .

    2011 - 2014
  • MIT - Global Start-up Labs

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    A 6 week long program with some of the best entrepreneurial students from across India. With an acceptance rate less than 5%. The Program consisted of rigorous hands-on training in building a start-up from scratch.


My Testimonials

What my Recommender's Say

"Dynamic, Diligent and one who is bursting with ideas, defines Pranav. I have known Pranav professionally for more than a year now and he has always believed in suggesting new innovative ideas specially in outreach and digital media strategies. He can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure the job gets done and is an excellent asset to my team. Pranav is also quick enough to volunteer to assist in any other company operations, as well. It was a pleasure working with him "

Swetha Suresh

Program Manager @INK talks

"Pranav is a self-starter and a charismatic marketer who not only brought scale, depth, and intelligence to the go-to-market campaigns at Locus but can also clearly figure out the "know-how" of launching new geography altogether. A great team player that takes the team together and steps up when needed. He was instrumental in bringing fantastic results both in terms of creating brand awareness as well as demand generation in North America."

Amisha Sethi

VP Global Marketing @Locus

"Having spent a considerable amount of time knowing Pranav in both professional and social context, I can safely vouch for the skill,passion and grit he brings to almost everything he pursues. There seems to be nothing too hard for Pranav to learn and get extremely good at in a very short period of time. While he chose marketing to devote his full attention to, his focus and drive to excel would make him an asset in any field of his choice. "

Shantanu Bhattacharyya

Chief Data Scientist @Locus

Some of my Awards were at

My FunFacts

  1. Tennis

    I have represented India in Junior International Tournaments & represented Karnataka in more than 100 national level tournaments. It's the most passionate I have ever been towards a sport.

  2. Basket Ball

    Played Basket Ball at state level meets in school & was awarded the Best Player twice. I was also the Captain of the "Yellow" House, where we won most sporting events in school & was the best performing team.

  3. Karate

    I have learnt Karate for more than 8 years and now being a Black Belt, I indeed have broken some bones, some mine, and some others.

  4. Solo Trips

    I went on a month long backpacking trips in Indonesia & Spain exploring the countries & culture bit by bit. They were one of the most exhilarating experiences have had!

Get in touch

Bangalore, India
[email protected]
+91 990-1111-896

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